Sometimes Jayne and I have to pinch ourselves to remind us how lucky we are to be in such an awesome position in our clients’ lives. We get to participate in one of the rare occasions in a person’s life, the celebration of love. Each of the couples have their own unique story that never seems to stop fascinating us. Every ceremony enriches our lives and we always get a front row seat!

As we shoot engagements, weddings, and renewals we realize how unbelievable it is to be around people that are “in love”. These moments become the foundation on which a bright future is built. Humor us, take a moment and pull out some pictures from the album of your life. These images often evoke the emotions present the moment they were taken. Enjoy them and let them take you back to that time when love was exposed for all to see.

Melanie and Christopher did not care for each other when they first met. A second chance meeting sparked such an unforeseen interest that they began to pursue a friendship. As time went on they realized how their differences created a balance so overwhelming that it could not be denied, and a relationship was born. They fell in love.

We humans are not really sure what love truly is. We have written about it, watched movies about it, studied it, fallen into it and we have witnessed it in our daily lives. We can not copy it, we can not demand it, most of the time we have trouble describing it. Melanie and Christopher live it. They realize that their whole is more than the sum of it’s parts. We should all hope to experience that in our lives…

The two were actually married last December and this was their public celebration. We will be joining them this December in San Francisco to celebrate their anniversary and capture more of their essence…Can’t wait!!

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