“All you need is love” as the song goes, “Love is all you need”…Much has been written on this subject in this blog. As you realize Love in your life it is often difficult put into words. Without doubt love is not political even though that’s not how it seems sometimes. Love “is” and truly all you need. In these challenging times we are all faced with dealing with change. Some people are fearful, others are angry while many of the brave embrace change and seek peace knowing that they have in fact followed their hearts.

Alicia and I worked together for over 12 years. We are both early risers and had many a conversation about life and our dreams long before most of the working world got in their cars to go to work. I was treated to the most amazing transformation as she went from knowing what she wanted to accomplish and be to her making that a reality. The conversations of those early mornings impacted my life and opened my eyes in ways that I am forever grateful.

One morning she began to tell the story of Maria. Her tone was different as she described this woman from the south (California). This is it, she is the one I told her. Alicia’s normal denial was not present, she only smiled confirming without words that she just found the perfect piece to her puzzle. Clearly this was the beginning of a new stage in her life. Shortly after that, I met Maria and knew immediately that they were destined to be together. Maria personifies love.

We began the day in their hotel room talking and taking pictures. Before we knew it we had to gather everything together and high tail it over to the hall. A long time friend of mine Kevin Heath officiated the ceremony at the History Club of Los Gatos. After some pictures the mariachis got the party rolling. We all toasted the couple with a shot of tequila, ate some fantastic Mexican food and partied well into the evening. It was a great celebration.

May peace and love continue to be Alicia and Maria’s guide as they move forward in their new life together.

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