Pamela Ryalls-Boyd from Decorating Den Interiors asked to have some images taken for an upcoming interior design competition. We looked at the project and decided to use a technology called High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography.

The technique uses multiple images to extract a specific range of light from each image which is then used to build a single composite image. That composite can be manipulated in many ways from a vibrant surrealistic appearance to a flat low contrast black and white.

In this particular image we wanted to create a natural look that appears more like how the human eye would actually see it. Note that a normal single photo would be unable to capture the detail in the foreground of the room and the detail outside of the window on a single exposure. We used only available light to capture the images.

Of course we had to get a few shots of Baby Cole with his Mom. After all the nursery was put together especially for him!

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