It’s always nice to get to work with customers as they progress through life. We shot Lisa and Drew’s wedding a few years ago and now their family is growing! A few shots from their “Family” session…enjoy!

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Got a call four weeks ago requesting a portrait session with some twists. First off, the family planned to get together to get some family pictures for Mom’s upcoming surprise birthday party next month.

Secondly, Andy and his wife Alex are expecting to deliver their first child a week or two before their brother Zach arrives from Southern California to meet the latest addition to the family and have some pixs taken.

Well, as it often goes baby Amara did not arrive in what was hoped to be a well timed event. Calling Andy early Monday to confirm the session and excited to hear about the baby’s arrival I was greeted by a tired but elated Papa who had not gotten any sleep the night before as he and Alex welcomed Amara into the world only hours earlier.

And finally, there was the weather…spotty at best with the second of three big storms lined up to hit us straight on.

Little sister Meaghan took over the planning of the session as it was ultimately decided in light of their busy schedules we would travel up to Walnut Creek and keep the new family close to home.

Springtime, caught in between storms and newborn feedings with the Karabatsos Family at Castle Rock Park in Walnut Creek was far more than expected. A lush rich terrain was bursting with color. The sun even managed to get out long enough for the shoot. The dirt road heading into the park proved to be an inspiration for a family that is headed down a new road in their journey together. We had a blast with their shots. Amara gave us a brief window to get some shots before she decided for all of us that it was time to head home.


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