Good friend and very accomplished photographer Brent Bear called early on a Sunday morning a month or so ago to see if I was up for a photo outing. Had a few things to take care of but talk about motivation to get your chores done!!

Before I knew it we were off to beautiful Point Lobos in Monterey County where we looked to chronicle some big waves that were lined up to hit the coast. The remnants of three big storms that hit the coast during the previous 10 days, these 25 – 30 foot swells were sure to draw attention, along with the first sunlight in nearly two weeks.

We walked the trails warming up with various landscape pictures. The seas were heavy, the light was a bit hazy. As we approached the point, mother nature began to unleash her fury. Our equipment quickly became covered with the salty mist that was raining down on us. We noticed that the swells had increased in size and volume of water.

The waves struck the coastal rocks with such power that you could feel the percussion then watch as columns of water were sent over 100 feet into the air only to be caught in the high winds and deposit itself well inland. AMAZING! We had sensory overload and were not sure which way to turn first and shoot.

We spent over 8 hours on this journey talking about life’s experiences and of course photography. Finished the day well after sunset with a meal of torn from the loaf French bread, salami, cheese and fruit, while highlighting the events of the day. Over the next few days we shared some of the “gems” and wondered when we could get out again.

Spending time with passionate people, especially those which you the share the same passion is rewarding on so many levels. Simply pushing each other to capture a different perspective, sharing knowledge and experience about our craft (Thanks Brent!) made for fantastic day.

Following are a few shots to enjoy. As Rod Stewart reminds us “Every picture tells a story don’t it”…The first image shows the intensity of the ocean this day. The lone cypress stands at about 20 feet on a rock that is at least 60 feet tall. Check out how much the wave cleared them both by!!! A rare sight indeed.

The young lady on the rock should not have been out there. Another young man was out there with her but had just walked out of frame before the wave hit. Needless to say she left immediately after this picture was taken and within 5 minutes the rock was completely engulfed by the advancing tide. I was not sure if I should try to get her off the rocks or capture the moment, obviously the creative side of my brain won out.

Unfortunately, by the time I looked up again the dampened young lady had retreated to her car and left before getting her name.

The last shot was taken after sunset. A 15 second exposure using a 70-200 lens @ f / 22 provided the colors that almost appear to be painted on the rocks.

Do what you love…

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It is amazing to witness the strength and love of a family. There is no faking or hiding this kind of emotion, it’s real and it’s contagious. The Karabatsos Family is the kind of family that makes you feel as though you have been part of their lives for years. We could tell right from the start that this day was going to be special.

A large contingent of family and friends joined in the celebration of Patty’s 60th birthday at their home last week.
Everybody was involved. From setting up the grounds to baking fresh quiche this was a family affair.

There were newborns and some folks with a bit more “experience” and all ages in between that blended together to enjoy each other’s company and be a part of the occasion. The food and music were great, even Mother Nature turned it up a notch providing just enough warmth.

Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter and Friend, Patty has embraced her life and was grateful, gracious, and very much in her element. Her husband George basked in the warmth that the gathering provided.

Although she knew of the event Patty was provided very little information about the details of the day. There were many little surprises, guests who traveled from afar, a live band and a taco stand that kept her on her toes all day long.

This was a party we hated to leave…

Click More Images!! to see a slide show from the events of the day.

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