The weather was perfect, warm not hot. The sky was filled with billowing clouds that add depth and color to all pictures. The venue was bursting with the energy that spring delivers to Clos La Chance Winery. Then there was our engaged couple Kirsten and Bill. They personified all the energy that was present on this day, excited about their upcoming ceremony to be held in a few weeks at the same place we gathered to get some engagement pics.

Time passed by so quickly as we explored the local winery for potential photo ops. Got lots of great shots and had an chance to get to know Kirsten and Bill’s special love and admiration they have for each other. Check back in a month or so to see the wedding post.

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Pamela Ryalls-Boyd from Decorating Den Interiors asked to have some images taken for an upcoming interior design competition. We looked at the project and decided to use a technology called High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography.

The technique uses multiple images to extract a specific range of light from each image which is then used to build a single composite image. That composite can be manipulated in many ways from a vibrant surrealistic appearance to a flat low contrast black and white.

In this particular image we wanted to create a natural look that appears more like how the human eye would actually see it. Note that a normal single photo would be unable to capture the detail in the foreground of the room and the detail outside of the window on a single exposure. We used only available light to capture the images.

Of course we had to get a few shots of Baby Cole with his Mom. After all the nursery was put together especially for him!

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