This is really a tease…less than 24 hours ago Melanie and Christopher treated us with another glimpse into their special love and affection as they celebrated their their first anniversary in the middle of the greatest city in the world, San Francisco at Christmas no less! Many pics and stories to share very soon.

Melanie and Christopher  – August 2010

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The end of the wedding really told the story of the day. The DJ hit it right on the nose at the when he created a “Circle of Love” around Carly and Brian for what was to be the last dance of the evening. At that moment it became crystal clear that the “Circle of Love” not only has the newlyweds covered but is really what they are truly about. Reflecting back on the celebration one can see that “Circle” everywhere throughout the day.

Carly and Brian had decided to see each other prior to the ceremony and planned a reveal that was both exciting and emotional on the front porch of the ranch house. The anticipation of them seeing each other grew as Brian’s knock on the door was met by his beautiful wife to be. After a long embrace and some alone time we gathered in the ranch house for some pre-wedding portraits.

Confident, sincere and easy to be with this couple has taken the best of themselves as individuals and created a couple that is a model for other marriage hopefuls.

The Paicines Ranch provided a unique backdrop for Carly and Brian’s wedding and was held on the expansive front lawn that has an awesome valley view.

After the ceremony everyone moved to the other side of the ranch house for hors d’oeuvre and dinner. The weather was perfect and remained comfortable the whole evening.

The ceremony was officiated by Rev. Francis Duda which has an interesting side story. Earlier in Brian’s career as a firefighter he was called to action when he resuscitated a heart attack victim and ultimately saved his life. Fast forward to earlier this year during the planning of their wedding. As they looked for an officiate for their ceremony they struggled to find someone that was available on their date and willing to come to Paicines. It was suggested that they call. Recognizing the name they called and spoke with him and confirmed that had met before years ago when Brian had come to his aid. Rev. Duda is forever grateful and spoke about the experience at the ceremony.

For the record, the “Circle of Love” was not even close to the last song. After experiencing the heartfelt reaction the DJ kept the momentum going to finish off a great event.

Venue: Paicines Ranch

Florist: Paeonia Flowers, Liz Yoshida

Hair by:  Endz Salon

Ceremony by: Rev. Francis Duda

Catered by: Tres Pinos Inn Restaurant

Cake by: Trisha Andrade

Music by: Courtney Helms

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