Tradition plays an important role for this Southern California family. Grandma and Grandpa Evenhuis traveled north again this year for the Labor Day holiday with their daughter Tera’s  family to join their other daughter Natalie’s family here in Morgan Hill. Part of the holiday activities includes a portrait session to chronicle their lives. It’s great to see the cousins having so much fun together building great memories and a strong sense of family. Meanwhile, the kids are getting bigger right in front of our lenses…

The large group had fun at the creek and managed to stay dry which was surprising!

Evenhuis Family

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You may recall the  engagement session with Jenny and Connor back in June at a local beach near their home. The time we spent together that day getting to know the “couple”  built anticipation as we began to look forward to their wedding.

They were a blast to hang with and love oozed out of them. Not the sugar sweet stuff, this was calm and natural, the very easy to be with kind.  A few weeks later, we did the pre-wedding site visit and were blown away by the venue. Overlooking the Monterey Bay and peninsula Jenny and her mom created a dream wedding at their family home so spectacular our anticipation jumped to a whole new level. They covered all of the details, right down to the hanging lights in the enchanted forest.  Without question they have career opportunities as wedding planners.

They had one goal, share in their celebration of love in an intimate setting in the round and then PARTY!!!!  The ceremony was playful, serious, funny and emotional. The party was one that will be talked about for years to come.  Guests were treated to fantastic floral arrangements, great food and music and then of course there was Jenny and Connor.

Jenny adores “the man of her dreams” and it shows. Connor provides the centered balance for her. Together they began their journey as husband and wife by doing what they love, being surrounded by family and friends.

More Jenny and Conner Wedding Images

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