We went on an adventure very early this morning with a couple we met only hours before. This is a great story but it will have to wait until after some rest. Until then enjoy!! Hey Mom…Nice shirt.

07/17/10 – Still recovering from our late night shoot on Thursday night / Friday morning, but it was so worth it. We all had a blast.

We have been explaining to people for years about the importance of chemistry between wedding photographers and the couples getting married. How the images help keep the memories fresh long after the day has come and gone.

This couple had chosen a photographer for their now quickly approaching August wedding. After viewing their engagement shots they were not only disappointed with the outcome but felt as though the photographer was not in tune with them. What was to be a joyous occasion became heavy. Faced with surrendering their deposit they decided to make a change. Not wanting to be sorry that they had not reacted to their “gut feelings” every time they looked at their pictures they contacted us.

As they told us their story we could feel their pain and concern. Earlier that evening Jayne and I decided regardless of being chosen or not for the wedding we would help them get their excitement back. An engagement shoot was scheduled for Saturday morning but we were willing to take a few shots that night if they were interested. (Finally, after a 60 day wait we had just received our new Nikon D3s Wednesday and were also looking for willing subjects to play with the new equipment). So we trekked via 4WD out to Rock Point to take some night shots. A warm night, the air was filled with the smell and feel of summer.

So, we got sidelined a bit when it was discovered that Jayne’s recently acquired 4th of July t-shirt glowed in the dark and it just so happened that Vance’s Mom designed that shirt. So we grabbed another one put them each in one and the started to shoot. We all had a great time and before we knew it it was 1:30 am! Time went by so quickly and although we had just met it felt like we had known each other for years.

Wallah, their excitement was back! The chemistry is there and it shows in the images captured. They were patient, and understanding during a shoot that was both challenging and time consuming. They were just happy to just be together. We can’t wait for Saturday’s session!!

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A long time friend Denise Brown lost her high tech job last year and became a statistical casualty of our current economic situation. Rather than wallow in all that is she decided to follow her passion and planned to open a mobile dog grooming business. MWAGS – Mobile Wash and Grooming Services is now up and running.

After purchasing a totally custom rig from the east coast she and her husband George flew to South Carolina and drove it home last week. The stories that came from that journey are hilarious from a BBQ rib dinner in Memphis to getting a call to groom a dog in Arizona. She asked me to take some pics of her new mobile office for her website and kick off this weekend in Downtown MH. While we were shooting she filled us with energy and excitement as she looks forward to starting her new career.

As you can see in the images you won’t miss the “MWAGon” driving in town. Give her a call or check it out @ www.mwags.com Best of luck!!

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