We all say we try and live our life to the fullest every day. The words pass smoothly through our lips until we are faced with a spontaneous opportunity. Not for Natalie…she lives life. She did not want any ordinary maternity shots for this pregnancy. Thanks in part to the Internet where you can find out about anything and everything Natalie found her way back to us based on a project done many years ago. This time however she wanted an underwater maternity photo session. Talk about passion…Natalie had her hopes set on making this happen in a big way and most importantly was willing to put forth the effort.

Then it was our turn to “Live Mas” and take this project on for her. So we did what any adventurist would do, we took it on! The pool was a comfortable 85 degrees, which is nice for a winter shoot that began with an outside temperature of 39 degrees! The weather worked for us and against us as we went through the shot set-ups. Tried some different approaches and worked our way through a great shoot. Our subjects for the day all did a great job (including Larry the cat!). All of us learning how hard a session can be for those continually diving under water to capture these images. At the end of the day we were spent but excited to see the outcome. We love the challenge that this presented from planning to execution and hope you enjoy the art.

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From Monterey’s Cannery Row straight to the “Heart of Texas” Kymberlie and Eddie’s relationship has hit the fast track. They threw a party that will not soon be forgotten.

The stunning Monterey Bay set the backdrop for the for their seaside wedding. Friends and family were treated to a unique ceremony that invited everybody into their world of friendship and love and once it got rolling nobody wanted it to end.

As you begin your new journey together know that you will be missed and we all look forward to a California homecoming down the road…of course you will have to throw another party!

CLICK HERE to check out a slideshow of all of the images from the day.

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