There are many paths to arrive at a destination and there is no right or wrong way to get there. What is important on this journey is locating love in our lives then forging a path to it’s reality. Never give up on finding love in your life. Ask someone who has truly found it and they will tell you without hesitation that every step toward the destination was worth it. Our perspective of life with love in it fulfills our very existence in ways that really never seemed possible. The bible states “There are three things that remain — faith, hope, and love — and the greatest of these is love”.

To that end, love abounded on this hot day in early September as Tina and Jim arrived at their destination together. Family and friends gathered for a celebration of true love. This wedding was very different than most of the of the events we participate in…There were smiles on everyone’s face. The words spoken about the bride and groom were heartfelt, sincere and full of truth. Tina and Jim put their admiration for each other on display for all to see without reservation and it was REAL…

The venue was a perfect fit and provided plenty for room for the large group. As one would expect, the food was amazing. The youngsters teaching the current dancing styles to their aunts and uncles was also a big hit. The party went on well into the night.

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It is constantly in front of our lenses…opportunities to witness the human experience. Always emotional, joyful, poignant, moving, motivating, and relevant, it opens the window to our soul. It touches the very heart of our existence, love.

When you see it you know it’s real and it makes you want to have as much of it in your life as possible.

Generations of the Obata Family have been making certain to educate and inform their family of their past, present and future by gathering regularly every two years or so to honor their heritage and insure that their love will continue in perpetuity.

Everything about the family has true meaning. It starts with the family seal. Three distinct legs that represent the full circle of life of the Nisei, Sansei and Yonsei generations. All part of the tradition that supports the foundation of this amazing lineage.

An extended portrait session complete with tons of Obata family interaction, which included plenty of laughter and some tears provided a great kick-off for the event. Family members both young and old clearly embraced being part of the celebration.

After dinner, this very talented and diverse group then put on a presentation that opened with a with an astounding violin solo. Various members of the family then spoke about their heritage from their origins in Japan through the war, internment camps through present day. An inspiring hula dance and monologue also provided insight to the family’s abundant talent.

The family matriarch Tomi spoke from her heart all day long and inspired all present. She truly understands the meaning of life.

The event wound down with a traditional lily lighting ceremony held at the pool that symbolized strength, hope and future.

We really did not want this day to end. We met so many wonderful people with such passion for life, and were honored to have the opportunity to shoot the event.

Please take a moment to see all of the pictures taken by CLICKING HERE

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